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Do you often wonder where your security guards are and what they are doing?

ReslinkSecurity is an easy to use and cost-effective guard management system that provides you with real-time information on every crucial aspect of your field operations, gathered and transmitted by utilizing cutting-edge NFC/RFID technology.


1. Monitor the progress of your guards’ rounds in real-time

2. Respond immediately to exceptions and incidents

3. Ensure the safety of your employees

4. Improve the efficiency of your operations

5. Provide your customers with detailed proof of service delivery

6. Do without unnecessary paperwork

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What our customers say


Ross Ferguson

Managing Director, Hardhat Logistics

“Reslink gives us the flexibility to offer our clients a bespoke information system that goes far beyond anything else on the market. I have no hesitation in recommending Reslink’s mobile solutions to other security companies.”

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Arion Security

Mobile Guarding Solution

“As a Security Company you are looking for an efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution that can offer you the tools to protect your clients and your guards at the same time.“ Samuel N Muigai, MD at Arion Security.

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How it works

ReslinkSecurity gives you a real-time view of what is happening in the field. It consists of two parts:
  • A mobile app, which enables your guards to record, transmit and receive location-specific data in real-time by simply scanning NFC/RFID tags that are placed at your clients’ locations with their mobile phones.
  • A cloud-based back-office system, which is accessible from any computer, tablet and smartphone with an Internet connection. It empowers you to monitor your guards and the progress of their work from anywhere, anytime.


Real-time information on every essential aspect
Reslink monitors your guards and supplies you with real-time data on where they are and what they are doing. All information is immediately available in your back-office system, giving you full control of your field operations at any time.

Faster response to exceptions and incidents
Any incidents and exceptions, including failed attendances, are identified instantly and reported to your control room in real-time. This enables you to respond much faster and deal with situations before they can become a problem.
Improved safety for your employees
Constantly tracking your guards’ positions ensures you know that your employees are where they are supposed to be. Lone worker protection features such as panic button and dead man’s switch notify you immediately of any potentially dangerous situations.

Increased operating efficiency and job performance
Reslink reduces your administrative workload and enables you to provide your guards with better assistance on the job, thus improving their performance. Constant monitoring leads to an increased sense of accountability and more professionalism among your employees.

Detailed proof of service delivery
Reliable proof-of-attendance as well as detailed documentation of tasks and incidents guarantee you can verify that all services were completed as agreed. Being able to proof the high quality of your services increases customer satisfaction and gives you the competitive edge to secure profitable long-term contracts.

Paperwork is a thing of the past
All essential information is accessible to you in your back-office system 24/7 and can be shared “paperless” with relevant individuals. This reduces the stacks of paper on your desk dramatically and shows your customers that you care about the environment.


Virtual control room

ReslinkSecurity’s back-office is your virtual control room that gives you a comprehensive overview of where your guards are and how their rounds are progressing. It enables you to see any information you need at a glance and in real-time. You can for example view clock-ins, checkpoint scans, incidents and reports as they happen, and follow up the complete audit trail with all transactions whenever necessary. As your virtual control room is a web-based system, you can access it from any computer, tablet or smartphone with an Internet connection, even when you are not at the office.

Real-time proof-of-attendance

Every time your guards reach a checkpoint, they provide proof-of-attendance by scanning the location’s NFC/RFID tag with their mobile devices. Real-time alerts notify the control room immediately of failed attendances, that is when a checkpoint is not visited during a predefined period of time. Notifications may also be sent via email and/or SMS to predetermined users.

Lone worker protection

ReslinkSecurity offers 3 distinct features that trigger real-time alarms when something has happened. Tags may be used as subtle panic buttons that can be activated without upsetting a potential offender. Utilizing a mobile phone’s built-in accelerometer provides you with an effective dead man’s switch. Guards also have the possibility to set up passive alarms for a specified time period whenever they are in need of extra protection. Generally, all alarms are raised in real-time in your virtual control room, either visually or both visually and acoustically, according to your specific preferences. Additionally, automated alarm messages may be sent to predefined users, including customers, via email and/or SMS.


Every user has an own, personal message inbox in the mobile app, which means that you can send unlimited free of charge messages to your guards directly from the back-office system. Messages can be information only, that is the recipient simply has to read them, or responsive. The latter require an answer from the user, which is then sent in real-time to the back-office system. Messages may also be sent to multiple users simultaneously, and giving them low, medium or high priority will cause notifications with increasing intensity on the user’s mobile phone.

Flexible reporting

Custom reports, selectable on a multitude of relevant criteria such as locations, employees or exceptions, provide you with concise information that helps you to improve the efficiency of your operations. Incident reporting is easily done on the spot. Using their mobile phones, your guards can record location-specific information and take pictures and/or videos for evidence. All recorded information is available in real-time, providing you with the opportunity to make informed decisions immediately and run location-specific incident reports whenever needed.


Grouping a set of checkpoints into a round gives you the opportunity to monitor it as a whole, instead of having to monitor each individual checkpoint. Rounds are scheduled within a certain time slot, and via the round status you can easily check whether everything is progressing as planned. Guards can manage their rounds from their mobile devices and see what checkpoints have to be visited. Tasks for a specific location can be retrieved by scanning the corresponding tag. One single tag may hold several sets of instructions, as the tasks for a single checkpoint may differ depending on what time of the day the location is visited by a guard.

GPS tracking

GPS tracking is particularly useful for mobile patrols. It allows you to see your guards’ current positions on a map which is updated in real-time every few seconds. This means that even when your employees are away from their patrol vehicles, you know exactly where they are. Also any data recorded by your mobile guards is visible in real-time, both on the map and in tabular format.

Driver’s logbook

Tags placed in patrol vehicles enable guards to record odometer readings and other relevant information such as the condition of a vehicle. The specific vehicle is identified by the tag, and the driver as well as a time-stamp are automatically added to any data input. That way you can maintain a usage history for your fleet without any manual paperwork.

Key usage history

Tags can also be attached to keys belonging to your clients. This enables automatic recording of who has used a key and when by simply touching it with a mobile device. Additional information such as why a key was used as well as new seal numbers may be added, thus providing you with a reliable usage history for any key you have been entrusted with.


Our carefully selected resellers are fully committed to our high quality standards. Combining their deep industry knowledge and our state-of-the-art mobile technology, Reslink resellers create customised solutions that help you increase customer loyalty and set yourself apart from the competition. You can locate your closest reseller in the map below.

We are constantly looking for companies providing industry software solutions, systems integrators and IT consultants to join our worldwide reseller network. If you want to grow your revenue and increase your profitability by selling, implementing and supporting our products and solutions, please get in touch with us.

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